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Recently I signed up for a Virtual Private Network service provide a UK based Company called Hide MY Ass.

In the past i have used its free webproxy service to help hide my tracks on the

internet.  Its paid service is among the cheapest and best in the industry. It provides faster anonymous servers from around the world which can hide your true location and identity on the internet. One benefit of its service is that you can use it on your mobile phone and have all your web surfing encrypted from nosey bastards.

Also anotheHMAr great aspect is that it takes Bitcoins . So all of you those with loads of bitcoins burning a hole in your wallet, why not spend them on a great VPN.

Another great feature of this VPN provider is that it has a great Affiliate program. Since VPNs are a subscription service with this program you can get recurring monthly income. There are that many affiliate programs that give monthly recurring income. So if your trying to make money online then this is definitely a company worth taking a look at.


Another great service so thanks HIDE MY ASS for Hiding MY ASS!!!!!!



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