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Learning the Art of Forex Trading

When your earning money from the internet i think its important to diversify your income streams. Most of my own income comes from affiliate marketing.  In the last mouth or so  have dipping my toe into the scary world of Forex trading.  Already i think im falling inlove with the Forex market and have become slightly obessesed about it!

For those that are to sure what Forex trading is, well in basic terms its the buying and selling of foreign currencies. i think ink that the general view of the industry is that its borderline gambling. However since the mouth i have been trying it myself i have found that its not as much of a gamble as people might think.

Admittedly i did lose a good chuck of my account due to stupid ignorance of the market and in general being a noobie but in the last 2 weeks i have reduced the risk has much as i can and have began to make a small profit from my trades. I have choosen to do my forex trades from the Etoro platform.

Etoro was formed in 2007 so its a relatively new forex investment website however it has an amazing community ” Openbook ” which has a social network feel to it. Here you can watch and learn from other traders. Although i dont expect to be making a living from this straight away i am definitely going to make and effort learn more. its suits my personality down to a tee.

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Hello World!!

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This blog is nothing more then my own personal musings. What you read in this blog is mostly true but at times may not be true.  It is just up to you to decide what to believe.

I am just a normal man trying to make a living from the internet. I am quite a private person so my real indentity will remain hidden unless you actually know me in my real life. Having said that, over time you will learn about me and my life, i hope that some of my posts will help others in one way or another.

Thanks for dropping by and i hope you enjoy the blog