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Skrill: Online payments & Money transfers


Skrill ( Formly known as Moneybookers )  an ecommerce business that allows international payments and money transfers to be made via the Internet. It focuses on low-cost international money transfers.  It is owned and operated by Skrill Limited, a UK based company.

In Sept 2011, Moneybookers announced it would rebrand their service as Skrill. Skrill allows for sending and receiving payments in 41 currencies, supporting major credit and debit cards.

Skrill Deposit Limits

There are several limits skrill impose when depositing to your Skrill account, dependent on the verification level of your Skrill account and the chosen deposit method.

  • For deposits with debit or credit cards:
Identity verification not completed
Identity verification completed
Card verified
Card not verified
Card verified
Card not verified
Maximum daily limit
Maximum weekly limit
Maximum monthly limit


if you have linked your bank account to your skrill wallet then the deposits limits are increased further and currently there is no limit on your skrill account. Verification as with most financial institutions require ID to be verified using your passport or divers licience, it is pretty straight forward and once verified lefts all account limits.

Skrill Refer a Friend

The Skrill Refer A Friend Programme  allows you to earn money from Skrill for referring new members to sign up for a Skrill Account. Skrill will pay you a commission equal to 10% of the revenue earned by Skrill for each transaction. You can earn up to £100 for every user referred to the skill website. The refer a friend programme is open to anyone with a skrill account. if your interested in promoting skrill on a more commercial basis then you can sign up for their affiliate program.

Benefits Of Skrill

  • Security: Skrill utilises the latest fraud protection technology for its processing and has a highly trained Risk and Anti-Fraud team to identify and react to fraudulent activity immediately.
  • Prompt Processing: Skrill notifies the seller immediately once a payment has been authorized which enables every seller to ship customer goods faster .
  • Free of charge: The Skrill payment service is free of charge for the buyer and only payment processor that doesnt have chargeback on payments.
  • Great Deals: The Skrill payments is integrated on over 100,000 online stores globally.Many of them offering special deals for Skrill customers.
  • Alternative: Skrill is a very cost-effective alternative to PayPal.
  • Skrill PrePaid MasterCard : You can order and activate your prepaid card under “Skrill Card” after logging into your Skrill  account.


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New Monthly gross Income Record:$30,000

I never really post information about my monthly income levels. For a long time there wasnt much to tell, i made a comfortable living making money online . This month has been a real boost in monthly takings my highest to date.

Even though im based in the UK alot of my affiliate commission are all in US dollars . im going to give everyone a quick breakdown of the numbers for this month.

Affiliate Commission

  • Affiliate campaign #1 – $10,952
  • Affiliate campaign #2 – $8,934
  • Affiliate campaign #3 – $4,751.20
  • Affiliate campaign #4 – $3,912.56
  • Affilaite campaign #5 – $1,685

Traffic Sources

  • Traffic Source #1 – $3631
  • Traffic Source #2 – $3476

Net Profit for November 

  • $23,127 ( £14,454 )
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3 months till Christmas… now its time to get prepared

As all affliates know christmas is the best to to get those profits in. Although we are 3 months away from the festive madness i am already masterminding campaigns to run. Maybe your wondering ” isnt it abit early we still have 3 months ” , yes it is alittle bit early.But to make the most of the traffic boost over the period you really need to make a plan to exploit this.

My current plan is for the month of october im going to continue running test PPC campaigns and optimize them so i can squeeze as much profit as i can. Novenmber is really when i start to crank things up and fire up most of my campaigns that i have been testing over the previous month. From past experience i have found that November and begining of december are the best time to profit. Everyone is buying anything and everything and conversion rates are sky high.

Last year i was pretty slack and made little effort to make a plan of action for the christmas rush.. this year i told myself i wouldnt make that mistake again because really its too easy to make money over christmas and i would be a fool to miss it again.

Recently Alibaba has opened its inhouse affilaite program which is offer $3.5 dollars per lead. Currently i have been testing the offer and it seems to be performing well . so it will be exciting to see how that preforms over christmas.