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Free Disaster Proof Cloud storage solution

The other day i was trying to come up with a cloud storage solution that is completely disaster proof. Although most modern day cloud storage companies offer redundent solutions that doesnt insure the company not having an accident with your data and losing it somehow.

i initally started to think about the idea when making some videos using my smartphone.. i wanted a disaster proof system to keep my photos , video and really any of my data safe.

its always good to spread the risk of data loss….. its all good keeping your 8TB of data with dropbox or Copy…but what if somethng happens to one of them. its always said, never keep all your eggs in one basket. So having at least 2 cloud storage providers is a better solution. ¬†Even better would be if one of those providers is a decentralised storage , such companies like symform has developed patented technology that is more redundant and secure than the centralized data center approach.

Symform is unique in that it provides unlimited cloud storage as long as you contribute your local free disk space. Alot of the time you find that your PC will have space disk space just going to waste. so why not contribute to the cause.

One other feature that makes symform my favourite cloud storage provider is that its decentralised storage. it chops up your data , encrypts it with a 256bit key and spreads it over 96 random computers on its network. Which i think makes the whole system pretty disaster proof.

So with symform you will never have to lose data ever a gain and also never have to pay for cloud storage!!!