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How to Bypass tether block on the 3 Mobile Network

Three mobile is a great 4G internet, it is the only mobile provider that does “Unlimited” 4G internet. you could have been one of the lucky few that managed to grab the “One Plan” a few years back which at the time was the best deal going. it offered 2000 minutes , 5000 text , Unlimited Internet + Unlimited Tethering. Unfortunately Three Mobile had stop the “One Plan” in 2014 and slowly phasing it out and moving old customers to more expensive sim only plans. sadly for me my luck has run out and i have also been moved to the more expensive plan which now will cost me £30 a month. Although the new plan is more money i am getting Unlimited called text and internet all inclusive however there is only 30GB of Tethering allowed now.

30GB Tethering for the average user is probably enough but if your like me , someone that is data hungry.  i also like to have Unlimited Tethering as a backup internet connection just incase my home broadband goes down. When you work from home theres nothing more frustrating when the internet goes down and you have some important business to tend to. So i though id make a little guide on How to bypass Tethering block on ANY Mobile network.

I have read all sorts of complicated Guides to bypass Tethering blocks. I have only experience with this particular method as it is the one i use in times when i need to tether.

Hide Your Traffic From The Mobile Network

  1. Mobile companies will use deep packet inspection to spy on your traffic. Using this method they can determine wether you are tethering or not. USE a VPN to bypass any deep packet inspection the mobile provider does over its network. My Recommendation as a good VPN to Bypass Tethering is Hide My Ass or PureVPN
  2. Created  hotspot on your android phone ( I am assuming you have the technical knowledge to do this already )
  3.  Connect your Laptop to the WIFI hotspot
  4.  IMPORTANT STEP. …After you have connected your laptop to the mobile hotspot and after signing up with Hide My Ass. Use their desktop application or connect manually to one of their VPN servers. Pick a server that is in the same country for best performance.
  5. Now you should be able to use Tethering without being blocked

There are other benefits to use VPNs such as Hide My Ass or PureVPN… Unblocking tethering is only one use for VPNs. One main reason i use VPN is to protect my online identity from government online surveillance!!! If you want to pay in Bitcoins i believe both VPN providers accept Bitcoins!

NB. This method has only been tested on a Three Pay as You Go Sim. Unlimited Internet is availiable for  £25 /month however tethering is not allowed. The method above allows you to tether on the Pay as you Go Sim.