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BlackHat + Tradetracker = €50,000 Fine

I dont often read terms and conditions of Affiliate Networks, but the other day for some unknown reason i found myself checking out Tradetrackers terms.  Most of the terms set by the network seem all reasonable until i came to Clause 8.5


8.5 If an affiliate (partially) violates the provisions of Clause 3.15, the affiliate will, without further warning or notice of default and without the need for judicial intervention, pay TradeTracker an immediately payable penalty of € 50,000/- (Fifty Thousand Euros), without prejudice to TradeTracker’s other rights, such as the right to terminate the agreement or claim damage compensation.

3.15 The affiliate may not in any manner, contribute to creating artificial traffic to the linked websites. The affiliate must immediately notify TradeTracker of all known or suspected improper or wrong use of the affiliate’s links to the TradeTracker website and/or an Affiliate Program, in any manner whatsoever.

Holy crap…now is it me or is that totally unreasonable…. so a warning to all those Blackhat affiliates CAREFUL with Tradetracker!!!

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Hello World!!

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This blog is nothing more then my own personal musings. What you read in this blog is mostly true but at times may not be true.  It is just up to you to decide what to believe.

I am just a normal man trying to make a living from the internet. I am quite a private person so my real indentity will remain hidden unless you actually know me in my real life. Having said that, over time you will learn about me and my life, i hope that some of my posts will help others in one way or another.

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