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Santander Invest $4M in Ripple

Spanish bank santander has recently pumped $4M into Ripple the cryptocurrency startup. Santander investment arm InnoVentures pumped $4m into Ripple earlier this month, bringing the technology provider’s Series A funding round to $32m.

Ripple considered  bitcoin 2.0 has made big strides this year in educating and bringing aboard banks and financial instituations. This further investment shows main stream banks are taking this blockchain revolution pretty seriously.

Ripple is growing up. The 2 year old startup is pretty up out of the testing phase and now have some enterprise banking solutions ready to be deployed. The future seems very bright for the startup..the future is  Ripple

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RBS to invest in decentralized Ripple Technology

Following reports of the disappearance of millions of pounds due to a technical problem at Royal Bank of Scotland this week, the bank have decided to invest a further £150 million a year in order to improve their IT systems.

600,000 transactions disappeared from customer accounts during the IT failure, which highlighted that change was necessary and this was recognised by chief administrative officer Simon McNamara, who made the pledge to increase technology spending at an investor presentation.

McNamara explained that these changes to RBS’s technology will come by rationalising IT systems, retro-fitting legacy architecture and reducing supplier count. Alongside this, to improve automated bank transfer, the bank plan to invest in Ripple technology, who deliver leading IT solutions and support to businesses.

At the presentation, McNamara said that during the past year, the bank have tried to better their systems by reducing their 500 programmes to 200, which should put them in a better position to deal with future technical problems if they occur.

Technology will on occasion fail. If and when that occurs, we need to ensure we can mask the impact on customers and recover as quickly and effectively as possible. It is important that it is handled well and competently,” McNamara said.

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Downloadable Ripple Client

Recently ripplelabs have stopped supporting the distribution of their downloadable ripple wallet… Im guessing their move to do this is because they want everyone to your rippletrade. I have choosen not to continue to use rippletrade wallet because of addtional KYC/AML policy that ripplelabs have implemented…in basic terms they want to verify you as a user and request ID when using their ripple wallet.

i personally dont want to give my ID to ripplelabs just to use their wallet so i decide to use the downloadable ripple wallet instead…it has all the same functionality as rippletrade the oonly difference is that your wallet is stored locally on your computer.

I think in terms of security as long as you have a good complex password for your ripple wallet then hosting it on your own pc is pretty safe.

So for anyone wanting to download a ripple wallet you can download it from here. Ripplelabs no longer have the client available for download which is just stupid really !!

Once you have downloaded a ripple wallet you will be one step closer to owning a the digital asset XRP. For those unsure how to obtain Ripple XRP you can check out my guide How to buy Ripples.


Download ripple wallet

the current build of the ripple downloadable wallet has the recent fixes

[FIX] Send: save contact after send fix
[FIX] use latest node-webkit (RT-3418)
[FIX] fix WebSocket server editing
[FIX] add Ripple address to top (RT-3429)
[FIX] Don’t logout on advanced edit (RT-3427)
[FEATURE] add blue unfunded banner (RT-3428)
[FIX] no ripple flag fix (RT-3426)
[FIX] fix path in Gruntfile.js for latest build
[FIX] mac os build fix
[FIX] stick jade-l10n version to 0.1.6
[FIX] make Copy-Paste work on OS X (RT-3438)
[FEATURE] Make Trade UI same as on RT (RT-3436)
[FIX] Words fixing (RT-3435)
[FEATURE] add Support for Ripple Names (RT-3464)
[FEATURE] Support federation protocol (RT-3465)


3rd Party Apps & Clients / Wallets

Carteria Ripple Desktop Wallet
Karlos Desktop client :
Ripple Client Desktop:…esktop/releases


Web Clients

Payroutes Wallet

Mobile Wallets

Ripply Wallet Beta :
Instant Ripple:….le.mobileclient

Dice Wallet :
Ripple wallet mobile:…e-wallet-mobile


Tickers / Alerts

Ripple alert: Find on iOS…hl=ripple alert
XRP Ticker: Find on Android and iOS
uRipple: iOS itunes


Ripple Payment processing

 Coinpayments :


Ripple wallet activation

Bithomp : Ripple wallet activation , Ripple BLock explorer