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Win £1000 with

Ebuyer is one of my favourite online stores to get geek stuff. Recently they have a new competition to win £1000 in ebuyer credit.

I decided to try out my luck for the month of October. Im gonna see if i can win £1000 refering as many people as i can for the site. This sort of thing is right down my ally since the process of refering a friend is in essence affiliate marketing.My exact strategy will be disclosed next month … that is if i win.

Visit Ebuyer and Win £1000


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Why Onlive Cloud gaming isnt for me!

Recently Onlive has launched in the UK with its Cloud gaming service. I signed up with their free account not really having any preconcieved ideas about what the service would be like. Now With their free accounts you can only demo a select number of games they have availible and the demo sessison last 30 minutes.

The first game i demo’ed on the Onlive platform was Dirt3. Loading was relatively quickly however you soon notice once the game gets started, is that the graphic quality just isnt quite what i hope for. Game play was like as if it was being played on your own system but there was a couple of cases even on my 50mb fiber optic line there was abit of stuttering.

So do i think Cloud gaming has any threat to traditional PC gaming, I actaully dont think so. I think Cloud Gaming will appeal to some but in this early stages its just not for me yet.  Until Full HD quality gaming is availiable and being able to move to south korea i think Cloud gaming has still time to mature.


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Zopa – Peer to Peer Lending

I came across Zopa just under a year ago. The idea behind Zopa is simple and yet innovative.  The basic idea behind the site is that you can lend out money up to £20,000 and set your own rate. Or if your a borrower you can borrow directly from lenders cutting out the greedy banks. Now thats such a great idea!!!

Since Zopa is dealing with other peoples money, those that borrow money are credit checked to an inch of their lives to the extent that i would say its harder to be accepted for a loan on this site without a near perfect credit score. But with that those that do get accepted are given much lower rates of interest.

For those interested in lending money like myself there was question that needed answering. Such questions like is my money safe? and if i lend how do i know ill get my money back? From the information on the site it indicates that in both cases the answer is yes, as Zopa using the same risk assessment and precautions banks do when lending money. if by any chance there is late or no payment, they deal with the logistics of debt recovery.

Currently i have just alittle under £1000 lent out  at average of 8% as an experiment, and as time goes on i fell more confident to increase that lending. if your interested in a completely different assest class to your normal investments then i recommend you give Zopa a go. With an average of 8% return its better then any savings account!!!

for more information check out Zopa – P2P lending