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How to Buy Cannabis Online

Buying cannabis online can be relatively easy. You will normally not find sites that sells drugs online unless you go deeper into the ” dark web” where you will find many examples of Silkroad type sites. AlphaBay has taken the place that once silkroad have as a go to place to buy drugs. These site are only accessible using the Tor broswer.

Where ever you are in the world you will be able to find a dealer in your area and you can get pretty much what ever quantity you like.All the Vendors have ebay style rating system so it should be relatively easy to pick a good vendor and not get scammed. Although its best to make a small order to test reliability ūüėČ

Most sellers on AlphaBay should provide PGP keys to encrypt any communcations between you and the seller. I would recommend encrypting any interactions just to be on the safe side.

You will find that All transactions on the site are doing using bitcoins or ethers an anonymous digital currency which can be obtained from Bitfinex . if your new to bitcoins please check out my guide to buying Bitcoins. if you perfer to use ethers then read this guide on buying ethers.



here are a few steps to find AlphaBay in a safe way.



  • Use a VPN service such as HideMyAss¬†or PureVPN¬†Every time you use your computer your IP address is shown which reveals your actual physical address which means you can be traced very easily. A VPN must be used along with Tor (Tor is the free browser explained below) to make your online activity anonymous, you need to run the VPN before connecting to the Tor network. To add extra anonomity its possible to pay for the VPNs using Bitcoins


  • Download the Tor Browser . Tor is essential as its need to access the the deep web. which is where you will find AlphaBay.



  • Buy Bitcoins. Well actually only buy bitcoins when your ready to actually buy your cannabis. There are many place to obtain your bitcoins my personal favourite places are Bitfinex,¬†Coinbase¬†and Localbitcoins. At Coinbase if you buy $100 Worth of Bitcoins you get $10 FREE Bitcoins. So its WOrth Buying Bitcoins At Coinbase¬†to get your Cannabis!
  • Buy Ethers¬†from Bitfinex. Paying with ethers has been a recent addition to alphabay.



(iMPORTANT UPDATE 1/08/2017)

Alphabay has been taken down… i will post an update on alternatives when i have tested and found a suitable one