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How to Buy Ether (Ethereum)

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency and over the last 12 months it has gained in popularity and price. Currently trading at £35 per Ether, the token on the Ethereum blockchain recently  has even been adopted by darkmarket websites such as Alphabay, a marketplace where you can buy cannabis or any other drugs of choice.

Ethers are still fairly new and getting hold of them is getting easier as time goes on. in most case if you already have some bitcoins its easy to trade them for ether using exchanges like Bitfinex or changelly. 

I think its a great time to buy ethers and in the future they will probably worth more. Since its becoming so popular and also you can use it to buy drugs i thought id write up a quick guide to how to buy some ethers online.


  1. Get a Ether Wallet – for the ease of use and to start with i would use coinbase as you can hold your bitcoins aswell as your ethers. Coinbase also gives $10 free bitcoins for new users. For beginners coinbase is the perfect wallet but for advanced users i would recommend using
  2. Buy Bitcoins ( Optional ) using Bitfinex
  3. Buy Ether using Debit/Credit card using changelly