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Ripple Network – The Future of Money

Ripple XRP


In the year 2013, money is expensive, closed, and slow.

Financial service providers—Visa, PayPal, MoneyGram, and banks—rake in hundreds of billions of dollars each year, transforming trillions of transactions fees into glittering profit margins. In a cruel irony for many merchants and businesses, the cost of being paid has become nearly unaffordable. Payment networks are closed and limited. International payments are exorbitantly expensive. And it still takes days, sometimes weeks, for payments to clear.

When it comes to money, you pick a provider, use its network, pay its price, and play by its rules.

We don’t realize how much better things should be. The Ripple network is an open source, peer-to-peer payment network. It enables free payments to merchants, consumers and developers, ability to pay in any currency, no chargebacks and instant global payments. Ripples goal is to make it the best way for people to send money to anyone, anywhere.

Ripple technology is based on bitcoins, which makes it cryptographically secure. Although still in beta you can try the new service out and open up a Ripple Wallet

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